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CapAnalyzer 88A Capacitor Analyzer PCB

This is a bare PCB only - no components are included.

Solving problems caused by electrolytics has never been easier, now that you can locate these bad capacitors easily without having to unsolder them, and without spending time troubleshooting, by using the CapAnalyzer 88A Series II

The CapAnalyzer 88 was the first and only test instrument that would discharge, then measure both DCR and ESR of capacitors automatically, in or out of a circuit.

The current CapAnalyzer 88A Series II has a DCR range from zero to 500 ohms, ESR range of zero to 20 ohms, and a battery-saving quick ESR test mode InstaESR that bypasses the DCR test for the quickest ESR-only test, and updated LED display drivers that increase accuracy and decrease battery drain.

The CapAnalyzer 88A uses a test frequency higher than any other DCR/ESR meter (over 100KHz), automatically discharges the cap under test, checks DCR first (up to 500 ohms), then checks and displays ESR on a 20 segment LED bar scale, and beeps from one to five beeps depending on the ESR condition of the cap. Both DCR and ESR measurements are made at levels that isolate the cap under test from the rest of the circuitry. Because it checks DCR first with its exclusive “DCR Set Alert”, it will alert the technician immediately if the cap or anything else in that circuit is shorted or leaky, before it checks ESR. The range covers just about any electrolytic or tantalum capacitor you will come across, from 0.47uF to 2200uF.

CapAnalyzer 88A includes a special beryllium copper tipped low-capacitance one-handed tweezer test probe for accuracy and ease-of-use. Because it is dual-microprocessor controlled, it has more features and is much more accurate than other cap testers. A three-color chart on the front panel shows typical ESR readings of good and bad caps in relation to their capacitance. Portability and battery operation make it ideal for repairs on site, eliminating a double service call and valuable technical travel time. An AC adapter is available for continuous use on your bench.

Although production ceased in 2014, all parts required to build your own (including the special tweezer probes), except pc boards, are in stock. Any parts order that includes the programmed MCUs also includes all data to build one: PCB Gerber and drill files, BOM, layout, overlay pdf, etc. (from EDS-INC.com)

Dave at EDS Inc maintains stock of all parts required to build your own CapAnalyzer 88A except for the PCB, enclosure, and overlays.

This listing is for one bare EDS, Inc CapAnalyzer 88A PCB. No accessories or components are included.

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